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FEATURED ARTISTS: Radiant Radish Maarten Plasticene as chosen by our no talent music critic wwwwho: Plastic Joy with DJ Eric Charles for their song, "Up In The Dizzco." Email your URL to to get a listen and be entered into our wwwweekly contest! BAND LISTINGS BY GENRE: ALTERNATIVE: super liquid courage Ryan McNab A harmonic mix of rock, pop, and jazz ... Liquid State The_Blanks Amazingly different pop ideas. Crush Kinda rock punkeish Dickey Moe Dynamic alternative rock band Visually Impaired PUNK Petrofeen heavy as hell and ready to take on the world. michael radowitz (ascap) An outward look into introspection. Box Room The Frequency Bliss Beatiful, tear-jerking melodies mixed with enough RAWK to make mom proud. P B S PBS is an improvisational group that plays emotion. POP/ROCK: The Diggs 3 man circus of sound Randy Sumner Randy is a rock guitarist and has a tune called "VooDoo Doll" ... Mike Behr Uncle Seth Studio8 Various pop songs recorded at studio8 in sydney PEARLCOPPER one-man progressive rock band PALM Modern Original Classic Rock juliafree singer songwriter w/ alternative edge FLESH GORDON new cutting edge rockact Bill Van Valkenburg Steve Grisham formerly w/THE OUTLAWS Southern Rock fans gotta have it!!!! children of apathy marilyn manson on acid. Aladdin Sane Music for the masses! The Emanuele Brothers Your Superheroes Of Rock ELECTRONIC: Dj Papabear Incandescent Spirit Awesome New Electronic Music DJ Krank very original kind of electronic crap

DJ Smooth

GltTcH hard edged industro-trip-drum & Bass from Detroit FREEBASS dnb house n beats Juggernaught Techno/Trance Alex Swan Alex is 14 years old, his first CD, "Xtreme Synthesis" of 11 original tracks he created & recorded with his Korg X5D aged 13. ménage a boogie Quality break beat, drum'n'bass and downtempo tracks from ménage a boogie Plastic Joy

electronic that's different...

HIP-HOP/RAP/R&B: Deceased El Keter Instrumental Hip-Hop music designed to let you know how Hip-Hop is SUPPOSED to sound. JDJ Philosphical Hip Hop Mister Blue A dirtsy south soulja... representing the true dirty dirty. Gizza & Tha Whooligunz E-Nice E-Nice is a newcomer in hip-hop having some fun criminal Damage bringing lyrical pain from the Dirty South!! Jawz & Crack invading your eardrums with Hip-Hop DJ Megahertz tha RoLLAhOLiCk by any means neccessary!! METAL: Mahavatar The Fallen Angel Finnish Black Metal Band Soulbruise Soulbruise is the Blair Witch Project of underground music. A Charnel House Five-man demolition squad headed by one pisssed off vocalist. JAZZ: Bassist Bill Lawrence Awesome bass player, fusion jazz at its finest! DEL PUCKETT Please listen to my #1 jazz fusion tune called IPO... Fuze COUNTRY: Sheila Miller Songwriter Todd Kirsten Rustie Blue people say I have a unique sound with attitude! WORLD/FOLK: paul A minimalist approach to folk rock... Single Seven "Godspell". World Fusion tune that blends Middle Eastern and western music. Get Your Band Listed Here BANDS: Please report non-working links to - we're still under construction!