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To get your artist listed on this site, please follow the instructions below:

MP3s! MP3s! MP3s! needs artists to be listed under our "SPOTLIGHT ON MP3.COM ARTISTS" section. Any artist of any genre is welcome! If you follow the instructions below, YOU WILL BE LISTED!!!

Here's what to do:

Go to - You don't have to listen to or download any tracks, although it is appreciated, as we will return the favor and try to listen to as many of the artists on our site as much as possible. Simply email us through our page with the following information:

1> Name of your ARTIST/BAND.

2> Your URL for us to link to.

3> GENRE that your music is best suited to - please use the larger "umbrella" genres, i.e. "POP," "ROCK," "ALTERNATIVE," or "ELECTRONIC" instead of more specialized genres like "experimental," "indie pop," "house," etc.

4> VERY BRIEF description of your music - ideally just a phrase or quote that describes your band. For example: ALEX'S DOG, "The nicest band in the world." You might want to use a more specific genre instead of a phrase, i.e. ALEX'S DOG, "Experimental Symphonic Rock."

5> If you listened to any of our tracks and have the time, please give us a very brief review of the track(s) that you listened to. It may be used on our official group website with a link to your page.

THAT'S IT! If you follow the steps above, your artist should be listed on the site within a couple of days!

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!

P.S. - We also have a "Best MP3 Artist of the Week" contest; submit your music to us for review by clicking here and scrolling down.


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