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BRIAN WILSON pop think in

This article originally appeared in Melody Maker, Oct. 6, 1966.

PEACE - Relative peace must be nice in New York.

FEAR - Not knowing what to expect is the only reason for fear.

DRUNK - I don't know anyone who gets drunk. In fact, I haven't been drunk myself for 3 years. There's no point in it. It isn't really fun. Why bother?

HONESTY - It's great and groovy and kicks all roleld into one big mind-blower. No one should be without it.

SUICIDE - It only makes things worse. You can't solve anything by killing yourself. I mean, things can always get better, but if you're dead, they may not.

WATTS - It's only 4 miles from my original home, where my mother still lives. We didn't panic - she just didn't go outside the house.

CRIME - Very consistent.

POLICE - They're nice men, I think.

KOREA - I was 11 years old and primarily concerned with baseball.

JUVENILE DELINQUENCY - There seems to be a trend toward non-violence today. More and more kids are thinking love and peace and friendship, instead of hate and spite.

SCHOOL - I wonder how much longer school will be compulsory? Very soon, I think, education will not only be free-form, but free for the taking or leaving.

TIME - Time is fine when its in cadence.

STEREO - I can't enjoy stereo much. I'm deaf in one ear.

EAR - The right one.

DRUGS - An underground train.

PATRIOTISM - Beer and brass bands.

HYMN - I think I could write one someday.

ORGAN - My dad gave me a pipe organ for my birthday - that's what i'll write the hymn on. Or at.

DOOR - The door has been opened to a whole new universe of experience for me.

NEWSPAPER - I don't read the newspapers too much because they depress me.

SWIMMING POOL - I have just rediscovered the delights of swimming. I'm completely turned on to swimming pools again. For a while, they bored me. Now I take a swim once a day and I'm completely healthy.

ALBUM - Our next album will be better the Pet Sounds. It will be as much an improvement over Sounds as that was over Summer Days.

RECORDING STUDIO - My recording studio has become a castle, with a wing for everyone.

TELEVISION - Someday I want to make commercials for TV - with a new twist.

DRUMS - Someday I want to write a symphony for drums.

HOLLYWOOD BOWL - The sound men at the Bowl are not rock n' roll sound men. I would advise people who want to play there and sound good, to change their plans or plan their changes.

SURFING - It's a very challenging sport. I've never been able to meet the challenge.

LYRICS - Let's make them all free-form, so we don't get hung up on making rhymes.

DRUG SONGS - There are myriad drug songs on the pop music market today. I don't know which they are.

MIRROR - Have you tried the mirror technique or the subconscious? I'm reading a book about it - I'm fascinated by the mind and hypnosis and things like that.

CAR - One day everyone will sit up in his car and fall out to the groovy sounds of cartridge tapes. Do I sound like a commercial?

SUCCESS - Came very easily to me, professionally speaking.

GLASSES - I would recommend that everyone who gets eye strain when they read to go to an optometrist and get reading glasses so that they can read more and longer. This is what I did, and I really do think everyone should do it.

RAIN - It's purifying. It cleanses the earth and helps things grow. It's spiritual too.

AUTOGRAPHS - I would suggest to every girl who collects autographs that she has them analyzed. Amazing revelations.

THE MOON - Funny you should mention that - I've been reading a book about moon dieties and about how the moon affects women's personalities. Fascinating.

PUBLICISTS - Professional wordsmen.