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VISITORS! Please give Radiant Radish a listen! Send us a review via email or message board and we'll post it here! Here's what some people are saying about Radiant Radish:


DJ Smooth:

Water's flowing over sound is a really dreamy track. Sun is lost in someone's cloud. Perfect. It sets the scene. Cruising from your beach house to the beach with your surf board tied to the roof of my car. Catchy lyrics maintain the flow with the harmonica. I would play this track this summer.


jason d. johnson:

the song "water is flowing over sound" is reminiscent of a beatles track with a better feel to it. it is a catchy song that sticks with you for hours after hearing it. a must listen!



"Catch A Lie" - a catchy Surf tune akin to the Beach Boys, but still definately holding it's own in musicianship and overall feel. I really dug the David Bowie-esque percussion, reflecting shades of "the man who sold the world" at times. you've won a fan.


Rich, The Exitspecialists:

Digging "Waters Flowing Over Sound" as I write - great melody in the chorus. Your lo-fi style has the GBV feel that I love. "Used To Be a Bad Kid" Are you kidding?!? It's a classic! How many cases of Meister Brau went into that one?
Keep radiating!


Gordon Bell, plasticpsychobabble:

"I Love You" - When I heard the first few bars of this I immediately thought, Beatle's Abbey Road followed by Radiohead. Then I got Beck on the second listen. This is great stuff. I really like the unashamed, I love you I love you stuff, simple and cliched but works so well. this track has that front lounge feel. Piano, old organ, bass, acoustic steel string sort of feel. Very good stuff. Nice unusual touches, but still really quite commercial.
"Water is Flowing" - Yep you've got to be a big Beatles/Beck fan. The beck's in the vocals. It's got that lo-fi scratchiness thing going on it too, which is an interesting take on it. Definite Abbey Road in the dirty guitar solo. I like it, quite a lot actually... I do feel maybe it was too close to the Beck/Beatles thing to have an originality - but hey why reinvent the wheel, no matter, most people are going to like this a lot. I did.


Eddie, Mahavatar:

"I Used to be a Bad Kid" - Interesting.I found it kinda catchy and quirky. I like it, though not my usual cup o'musical tea. I'll spread the word around.You DO NOT suck!!!



Uhm not really my kind of music but here goes... "Water Flowing Over Sound" - Very blues type rock stuff here boys and girls. Good enough concept, What really grabbed my attention was the harmonica mixed in there as you don't hear much of that these days.and I really liked the guitar towards the end. 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.


Kris Alley, super liquid courage:

I feel like I'm in a '60s time warp - a very laid back tune, very retro, I like it alot. Good job guys.


Bill Lawrence:

"Water Is Flowing Over Sound" - This is a nice tune with a catchy hook. Definitely top 40 material!


Matty, Soulbruise:

I Listened to "Water Is Flowing Over Sound." Sounds very '70s-ish. Cool
sound. Simple and catchy. Relaxing.


Randy Sumner:

I just downloaded and listened to your song "I Love You." I thought it was a great tune. It kind of made me think retro '60s or Beatles in a strange kind of way.



Is this the acid flashback i've been waiting for? Waters Flowing Over Sound. Somebody took Brian Wilson, bred him with The Monkeys and dumped the result in a blender along with half of Haitt-Ashbury and got some kind of acid soaked garage band version of the Sid Barret.


Mike Behr:

I listened to every track you have, and I think you have a very good natural sound, without the help of keyboard fluff and things like that. It reminds me of the band "The Move". I don't know if you heard of them, but they're a very inspirational band from back in the day.

Johan, Liquid State:

Listened to yóur song Catch a lie. Liked it! I gat e little of the same feeling as when i listen to Grandaddy. Are they perhaps some of your influences? Cool atitude of your songs.