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Radiant Radish includes but is not limited to Donny Lang, Rhiannon Cunag, and David Vaughn. See, Radiant Radish (RR) features open contribution technology (TM) that allows for 'unofficial' members to submit any type of artistic expression to the Radiant Radish name.

Donny hails from a musical family. His grandpa, Ray, was a talented local musician in the valley area. Ray's notable gigs included playing piano for people like The Three Stooges and Bob Hope.

Even at a young age, Donny aspired to be a musician. He spent hours each day composing music on his grandpa's organ. Then he would record his music using a low-end boom box with plenty of ports for him to work magic with. Often, he involved his immediate family with his music; for instance the Don & Jak tapes. So much practice resulted in a gift for composition. His influences of master pop musicians like Brian Wilson and study of producers like Phil Spector also aided in his wondrous abilities. If you've ever spent time on the telephone with Donny, there is no doubt that he has played you some of these recordings.

After Donny started his teen years, he was admitted to public high school. He selected a beginning guitar class as an elective. Fortunately, his grandma awarded him a guitar, this allowed him to spend extensive time practicing. He devoted himself to the guitar and excelled quickly. Given his background in music, there was no wonder as to why he could play so well, so quickly. Anyway, in high school at guitar class is when and where he met Chris HP-III. Chris was to be his first band mate.

Alex was a mutual friend of Donny and Yaymiss. Alex informed Donny that Yaymiss played in a band called Little White Flies. In fact, that was a little white lie made up by Yaymiss. See, Yaymiss needed an excuse not to see Alfonso, so on the phone he made up a story that he would be busy at band practice. The next Monday, Yaymiss continued the lie with Alex. Alex prompted Yaymiss for a band name, and Yaymiss, who saw the gnats swarming around the ala carte vendor, made up the name Little White Flies. Then Alex saw Donny later and mentioned that Yaymiss played in a band called Little White Flies. Donny's mind immediately echoed the thought "I always wanted to play in a band called Little White Flies." Introductions were made and the first core of LWF formed.

LWF stayed together for years, but it was not to last forever. Practices were held. Shows were played. Members were shifted. Demos were recorded. But eventually, the band broke up.

After LWF, Donny was still full of music. He held steady work and he used his money to get equipment and records. So, armed with a new guitar (Gibson SG), new amp (Roland Jazz/Chorus Combo) and four-track recorder (Tascam) he found new influences in artists from the late '60s and made some recordings. His new music obsoleted the Nirvana-esque punk rock of Little White Flies and took on a whole new context of its own.

Donny, much in love with Rhiannon, went away with her to college in Tuscon. Together, Donny and Rhiannon recruited David and formed Radiant Radish.

Rhiannon handles the artwork for Radiant Radish, sings occasionally, and plays drums. Rhiannon and Donny met in Tempe; they found that they had plenty in common, their musical and artistic creativity mirrored each other perfectly. The planets were aligned. The rest is a classic love story: Boy meets Girl, Boy falls in love, Boy follows Girl to Tuscon, Boy forms new band with Girl, Girl makes website for new band, etc, etc..

David had similar interest in music as Donny and they hit it off when they met. When Dave auditioned for Radiant Radish, Donny was impressed and let him in the band.

Together, the trio known as Radiant Radish form a powerful band with the goal of spreading their message across the globe. Radiant Radish is described as "an umbrella for all creative endeavors of the members to go under, not just music (artwork, other creative things) and isn't limited to the 'official' members."